DelicatessenMED is the grocery store and deli with gourmet Spanish products for the Mediterranean diet.

Delicatessen MED is based on the experience of leading companies in both bulk purchase food and retail purchase that for years have been satisfying its Spanish and European gourmet customers with Spanish, European and Worldwide products.

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Specialized companies and experts familiar with the industry.

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The backbone of our business is the Mediterranean diet. The kitchen gurus and dieticians recommend it to be excellently healthy.

Spain receives millions of visitors each year and particularly in the Mediterranean area. As well as they enjoy its beaches and culture also do its food.

The salads with different types of oils, vinegars and salt, flavoured with tuna, bonito, Spanish olives and other food gives them unrivalled advantages.

What about the sausages both fresh and cured?.

Long live the Iberian ham! . Pork loin sausage, pepperoni and sausage…

What about cheese? Sheep's milk, goat, ...


Wine is the perfect pairing.

Each and every one of them paired by excellent wines, white, red and pink

The perfect ending are the desserts, sweets to eat and to drink liquor.

Bon appetit!

* Our goal. – Place a wide range of products to reach consumers and bring to your door order. So easy and comfortable.

* Clicking on www.delicatessenMED.com you'll have everything at hand. Simple as that.

* It takes about 48-72 hours for your order to arrive at home, depending on if you live in the capital city or in a town outside.