Iberian Ham Cebo “La Bari” 9 kgs

Iberian Ham Cebo “La Bari”  9 kgs

Iberian Ham Cebo “La Bari”  Huelva  9 kgs cuy1585909

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The pure Iberian pork Cuyar, born and raised homesteads, is the result of strict monitoring for genetic purity of the breed to maintain the highest quality.

Noble parts coming from the hind legs of pure Iberian pigs, fed extensively on our pastures, and processed, cured and aged in a long, slow process with the most traditional methods in our dryers and warehouses

Jabugo natural.

Studies show that the cured ham is nutritious, rich in protein and containing fats, minerals and vitamins B1 and B6 very beneficial to the body.


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 El jamón

  1. History
  2. Types of Ham
  3. Non-official clasifications
  4. Denominations of Origin
  5. Beneficial properties of Ham and Nutritional Info.
  6. Stages in the production of Iberian ham
  7. Main parts of Iberian Ham
  8. The cut of ham step by step
  9. How to serve and maintain a ham
  10. How to choose a ham

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